Why Smart Building Solutions Are Right For Senior Living Communities

September 13, 2018, James Walton, McKnight's Senior Living - Senior living executives face insurmountable pressure to reduce overhead expenses without compromising resident care and services.  With senior housing occupancy rates hovering around 85%, owners and operators are actively looking for solutions to control costs and maintain budgets.

Intelligent energy management, or “smart communities,” is not a new concept.  That said, it is a fundamentally different way of thinking and managing operations to trim expenses, reduce energy waste, provide operational efficiency, boost revenue and improve the total resident experience.  Smart communities employ real-time data and intelligence to allow operators to quickly identify underperforming areas for tangible outcomes and sustainable savings.

Conservative savings for a smart community range from 15% to 20% of their utility and energy consumption costs.  Deploying intelligent smart building technologies effectively allows senior living operators to do more with less, which frees up capital for use in top-quality care and other areas that positively affect the overall benefits for residents and team members.

Resident safety, health and overall satisfaction

State-of-the-art building solutions also offer significant benefits for residents' health, safety and satisfaction. Residents stay more comfortable through properly maintained HVAC, and lighting controls and refrigeration monitoring allow for greater medication adherence and overall food safety.

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