How Post-Acute Technology Will Give SNFS An Advantage

August 17, 2018, Lissy Hu, McKnight's Long-Term Care News - The demand for health services offered by post-acute providers such as skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies and inpatient rehabilitation centers is increasing.  This is due in part to the significant growth of our elderly population.  As reported by the PRB, the aging population could fuel a 75% increase in Americans requiring nursing home care.

With this shift, post-acute providers are challenged to stay competitive while simultaneously delivering care for this growing population. 

To meet this demand, skilled nursing facilities and other post-acute providers must adopt sophisticated care coordination and management technology to help attract new patients while continuing to deliver quality care.

When adopting care coordination technology, the right solution must fit the facilities' specific needs.  This is where CarePort fits into the post-acute equation. 

At CarePort, we provide care coordination software solutions that enable payers, ACOs and acute and post-acute providers to more efficiently manage patient transitions and coordinate care across the care continuum. 

By bridging the gap between acute and post-acute care, our platform enhances visibility into the care patients receive for improved outcomes.  

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