Finally, Some Labor News That Won't Leave A Mark

July 23, 2018, John O'Connor, McKnight's Long-Term Care News - Employee relations in this sector is frequently a zero-sum game.  When management gets a victory, labor usually feels run over.  And vice versa.  That's why it's nice when something comes along that doesn't leave one side holding its head.

That appears to be what happened Thursday, when President Trump signed an executive order that might eventually give long-term care a boatload of new job-ready employees.

The president's goal here is to bolster vocational training for both entry-level and up-the-ladder jobs, at a time when such positions far outnumber people qualified to fill them.

"We need people with training," Trump declared at a ceremony that kicked off the initiative.  He has touted job growth since being elected.  He also emphasized the need for associations and companies to help workers attain new job skills and provide apprenticeships for students.

Did you get that, AHCA/NCAL, LeadingAge, ACHCA and various skilled care operators?  I think he meant you, among others.

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