Skilled Care Operators Feeling The Pinch

July 2, 2018, John O'Connor, McKnight's Long-Term Care News - “This is going to be the wave of the future.”  If you happen to be a long-term care operator looking for words to live by, the above sentence is a pretty good choice.  But first some context.

Those words were uttered last week by Vincent Mor, Ph.D. Dr. Mor has spent a good chunk of his adult at Brown University, studying various aspects of our long-term care system.  The “This” in his above statement refers to efforts to trim days spent in skilled care.

Dr. Mor uttered them to McKnight's while reflecting on his latest study, one that should make any operator feel a bit tense and morose.

In a nutshell, his investigation seems to validate a push by insurers offering Medicare Advantage plans to ratchet down post-acute days, often by a week or more (when compared to the more traditional Medicare fee-for-service option). Full findings appear in PLOS Medicine.

To be fair, the study ........ CLICK HERE TO READ MORE