What Should Long-Term Care Make Of These Scathing Reviews?

April 23, 2018, John O'Connor, McKnight's Long-Term Care News - In any given year, McKnights.com publishes nearly 1,000 news stories and hundreds of blogs.  The various pieces tend to address issues you might expect: new regulations, new business moves, new laws, who's moving up, who's going to prison, and so on.

Some pieces resonate; others fall flat.  That's how it goes in the news biz.

When it comes to the former, two recently submitted pieces tower above the crowd.  They generated unmatched readership and feedback.  And apparently, quite a bit of soul-searching as well.

One of these pieces ran earlier this month. “Why I chose to leave the nursing home profession: A fed-up executive's story” delivers pretty much what the headline suggests.

Author Julie Boggess walks us through ........ CLICK HERE TO READ MORE