NIC Panelists Offer Tips For Staff Recruiting And Retention

March 12, 2018, John O'Connor, McKnight's Senior Living - Mary Ann temporarily was residing in a nursing home while undergoing rehabilitation after surgery and a six-week hospital stay.  So she relied on her daughter, Diane, to tour assisted living communities to find her next home.

Monticello West, a community in Dallas managed by Life Care Services, was appealing to Diane because of its layout and cleanliness, the 83-year-old said.  “But the first thing Diane said to me was, ‘Mother, they have a great staff there, a staff with tenure, and aides with tenure.  And I just liked the overall friendliness and comforting feeling I got and the happy faces I saw.”

Mary Ann said she saw “a lovely setting” when she arrived at the community, “but I knew from experience that you don't look at the setting or the immediate facilities,” she said.  “You look around you, and my first thought was, ‘The residents here look happy.  They look well fed.' It was just like, ‘Hey, this is going to be my home for the rest of my life.  And I knew that, and I didn't want to move again.' ”

Mary Ann, who has lived at Monticello West for approximately seven months, was a panelist at a staffing-focused educational session on Thursday at the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care's Spring Investment Forum in Dallas.  She and other panelists shared tips to address senior living's No. 1 challenge: recruiting and retaining workers.

What contributes to employment longevity that leads to increased resident satisfaction and move-ins?

Panelist Benedicta Musa, a CNA whose title is care pro at Honor, a San Francisco-based home healthcare company that provides services in various settings, said it's a sense of stability and consistency, fair pay, some control over hours and a feeling of being appreciated by her employer.  A smartphone app Honor care pros use helps, she added.

“We are able to choose our shifts by ourselves. It's very, very flexible.  You can choose whatever time you want to work,” Musa said, adding that she was moved to a desirable on-call schedule, where she is guaranteed 40 work hours every week and the opportunity for overtime, because of the high ratings that clients gave her in the app.

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