Advance Care Planning Is Appropriate

December 11, 2017, Diane Meier, McKnight's Senior Living - Choice and control are key elements of quality healthcare that often are lost in today's over-medicalized healthcare system.  Senior living communities can play an important role in helping their residents take control over their medical futures by simply asking what is most important to them in terms of their future medical care.

If a resident's family and their doctors don't know what the resident wants and the resident is too sick to tell them, then the resident will get the default: machines, tubes, procedures and loss of control.  If the resident wants the default, then there is no need to prepare.  If he or she would prefer something different, however, then you can help the resident understand that the choice is in his or her own hands.

Advance care planning is a process of asking residents what is most important to people in the event of future serious illness or loss of ability to make their own decisions.  This process is appropriate for all senior living residents — no matter what their age or health status.  Indeed, the best time to plan is when things are stable and before a crisis arises, when residents and family members are faced with difficult and time-sensitive decisions under stressful conditions.

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