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HUD - LEAN Handbook
Updated 2017

HUD - Healthcare Loan Programs
Office of Healthcare Programs

HUD - MAP Guidebook
Updated 2020

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Office of Multifamily Housing Programs

HUD - Underwriting Guidance Home Page
Underwriting guidance including processing information

HUD - Information & Announcements on Lean 232 Program
HUD's Lean 232 E-Newsletters - Organized by Subject & Date

HUD - New Multifamily Underwriting Handbook
HUD's Consolidated Handbook - Guide to lenders on underwriting all FHA-insured multifamily housing construction and rehabilitation transactions


Webinars & Podcasts 

COVID-19 & Seniors Housing Market Update with HHC Finance's Executive Vice Chairman
Rich Lerner
, a partner in Housing and Healthcare Finance (HHC), the nation’s leading FHA lender to the multifamily and senior housing sector, discusses the senior housing market and impact of COVID on hospitals and skilled nursing.

Investment Opportunity Podcast - Today's Lending Environment with Neil Gamss (HHC Finance)
Neil Gamss, Co-Founder of HHC Finance's Capital Advisory Group



Hot Topics in SNF Reimbursement: Resident Classification System - I & Institutional Special Needs Plans
Marc Zimmet, Principal, Zimmet Healthcare Services Group, LLC

Population Health Points to New Opportunity Paradigms for Housing and Healthcare
Andy Edeburn, Principal, Premier Performance Partners, Inc.

3 Ways HUD Is Making Senior Housing Finance Easier in 2017
Download this white paper from HHC Finance to familiarize yourself with the following updates:

  • Headline changes related to debt seasoning requirements.
  • Identity of interest and buyout scenarios.
  • Operator debt options.
  • And more! 

Developing a Robust Pipeline: 21st Century Strategies that Blend Data, Marketing and Technology
Steven Littlehale (Executive Vice President & Chief Clinical Officer of PointRight)  and Barry Somervell (SVP, Strategy & Development of Adcare Health Systems)


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Massachusetts Senior Care Association

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New York State Health Facilities Association

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