Lexington Health Network Named Innovator Of The Year

October 10, 2017, Elizabeth Leis Newman, McKnight's Long-Term Care News - Innovating in telemedicine has been a priority of Lexington Health Network in Lombard, IL, for the past five years. Its dedication has resulted in the Innovator of the Year Gold Award in the McKnight's Excellence in Technology competition.

Starting in July 2012, the system used a third-party telemedicine service for after-hours changes in condition management, explained LHN Chief Information Officer Paul Knight.  But it lacked some of the interoperability services and features the system wanted, so Knight led the charge to create a new system.

“It started as an idea that has translated to a business plan,” Knight told McKnight's.

“It's creative thinking and action like this that sets high-quality operators apart — and earns recognition, including our ‘Innovator' Gold Award,” said McKnight's Editorial Director and Associate Publisher John O'Connor.

By November 2014, Lexington had developed the ........ CLICK HERE TO READ MORE