MedPAC Votes Unanimously For Proposed PAC Payment Overhaul To Start In 2021

April 10, 2017, Emily Mongan, McKnight's Long-Term Care News - The Medicare Payment Advisory Council (MPAC) voted unanimously on Thursday, April 6th to recommend an accelerated timeline for implementing a unified, site-neutral payment system for post-acute care providers.

The vote means the panel's recommended overhaul of the post-acute reimbursement system could potentially kick off as soon as 2021 — earlier than previously proposed.  That acceleration is greatly needed, MedPAC members said, as previous efforts to reform the payment system have been lagging.

“Having an open-ended implementation with no specific date would lead to this never getting done,” said MedPAC member Kathy Buto, according to Bloomberg BNA.

MedPAC Chairman Francis J. Crosson noted ........ CLICK HERE TO READ MORE